Church Partnership Program

Country Cookin offers churches an easy fundraising opportunity.

When your congregation members dine with us and place their receipt in a box at your church, we will give you a donation equaling 10% of your receipts.

A box with sign is displayed, telling church members if they dine at Country Cookin and put their receipt in the box, the church earns a donation equal to 10% of their check (minus tax ).

We suggest you place the box in your narthex, office, or other well-traveled area. We will provide you with a copy of our logo and a box with a sign.

If you use a large screen in your worship space, we request you show our logo with an announcement about the donation program on the screen before worship or during announcements for the first several weeks the program runs. Information about the program can also be shared with your congregation during spoken announcements.

We also ask that you include our logo and information about the donation program in your bulletin and newsletter. Once the program is established, our logo and a reminder about the program should run in the bulletin and newsletter. After a few months, we request the program be shown on screen again or included in spoken announcements to remind the congregation about the program.

This program only earns money for you if your members know about it and are reminded to participate. The more receipts you collect, the greater the donation you earn!

Your church collects the receipts in the box provided. On a monthly basis, calculate the total of all receipts collected (minus tax). Use this number to calculate the 10% donation due. Send this information with the receipts along with your address and contact person’s name to our corporate office. After verifying your totals, we will send you a donation check. It’s that easy!

To participate in the program, churches must have 500 or more members and agree to promote the program to their members, including using the Country Cookin logo in church newsletter/bulletin or on screen during announcements (if a large screen is used during services).

Partner Churches: click here to download the donation form. We look forward to supporting you in your ministry! If you are the pastor, administrator, or congregational leader of an interested church and would like to sign up, please complete the form below. A local manager will contact you.