About Us

Mission Statement

To be the gold standard of family dining:

  • Operating with integrity and kindness rooted in our Christian values.
  • Serving each other so we can best serve our guests.
  • Providing modern comfort food in a clean, family friendly environment.
  • Supporting individuals, with opportunities from great first jobs to rewarding careers.

How We Got Cookin

In November 1981, self-described “country boy” Roger Smith founded Country Cookin restaurants on a simple idea… when you go out to eat, you should be able to eat your fill of good food at a reasonable price in comfortable surroundings. We still do it the way Roger originally envisioned it.

Roger was a fan of country style food… stewed tomatoes, made-from-scratch pinto beans, cornbread, and turnip greens… and he was sure other people were too. He created a place where folks could get a made-to-order entree and as many helpings of country sides as they wanted… at a price reasonable enough to come back anytime they wished.

Roger passed away in 1998, but here at Country Cookin we still follow his guiding principles:

  • treat people right
  • keep prices reasonable
  • serve all-you-can-eat portions of good country food
  • and let them know how happy you are to see them

From our Chairman David Preston (who was Roger’s “right-hand man”) and President Tom Dodson, all the way through to our entire staff in all thirteen locations, we are proud to deliver on the promise of “Virginia Traditions, Daily Values.” With full meals of cooked-to-order meat, plus potato, sides, and dessert at an average per-person check of less than $10, we believe you won’t find a better value anywhere.